Jet: …So…so…Backlash is my Dad, and I’m his daughter and he didn’t want me being a mask, but I am so now I gotta avenge him but…

Midnighter: …I messed it up for you, I know. When you’ve had a couple, your logic gets kinda circular.

Midnighter (over comm link): This is Midnighter. Engineer, can you trace the last teleport signal from here and open a door to it’s destination?

Engineer: Right away.

Jet: Wow. You can just do that?

Midnighter: Yup.

Jet: How?

Midnighter: I’m a stupid macho a-hole. I can do anything.

Jet: Wow. It must be great being major league like you.

Midnighter: It has its moments. Now go on if you’re going.

Jet: Why’d you do this? I know you’re not interested in the contents of my spandex.

Midnighter: ‘Coz I get a nice warm feeling setting a fresh-faced kid on an endless cycle of hideous violence.

Jet: You’re a sick puppy.

Midnighter: ‘Swhy I get these jobs. Tödt’s going to be tough, you know. Want a hand?

Jet: Uh-uh. You’ve “helped” enough. This is for me. And my Dad.

Jet: Goodbye, Midnighter.

Midnighter: Good luck kid.

Genactive #6 | Story - Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning | Pencils - Dustin Nguyen